Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Senator Clinton on North Korea and "South Shi'ite-nam"

The latest news referring to North Korea:
North Korea affirmed Wednesday it would return to nuclear disarmament talks to seek a resolution of a U.S. campaign aimed at choking the communist nation's access to foreign banks.

Stepping back from further provocative moves after conducting its first-ever nuclear test three weeks ago, the North said it hoped to see a resolution of the financial issue at the resumed six-nation arms talks that it has boycotted for a year.
Obviously, North Korea's recent nuclear weapons test has significantly increased the degree of isolation between North Korea and China, thus inducing North Korea to return to six-nation talks to try and repair the damage.

The latest news referring to Senator Hillary Clinton:
"We did not face World War II alone, we did not face the Cold War alone, and we cannot face the global terrorist threat or other profound challenges alone either," she said.

Clinton also defended the idea of bilateral talks with nations that Washington has been avoiding, such as Iran and Cuba.
Notice that the moment six-party talks with North Korea are back in action, Senator Clinton calls for bilateral talks with enemy nations. It's almost as if Democrats are deliberately trying to sabotage the Bush Administration. Also notice the strange juxtaposition in a single speech of "We did not face World War II alone" with a call for bilateral talks with enemy nations. Isn't the whole point of building an international coalition against an enemy state that no one member of the coalition unilaterally negotiates with that enemy?

Senator Clinton also announced her support for one of the fashionable Democratic Party policies for Iraq (another such policy being the partition plan):
Concerning Iraq, Clinton blasted the administration's policy, and said the best policy instead would progressively redeploy US troops in the region, call for a regional conference to help discuss options and advocate for the creation of an organization aiming at guaranteeing a division of oil income among all Iraqis.
As I've pointed out before, this is basically the Democratic Party's Vietnam policy circa 1968 or so updated point-by-point for Iraq.


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