Sunday, April 01, 2007

A stupid conspiracy theory

Roger Simon points out a conspiracy theory that has gained some traction with the Left recently (author's hyperlinks; hat tip: Instapundit):
I wonder what the Kossites will think when they read (if they bother to) Omar Fahdil's wry account of the search of his Baghdad house by US troops last night. Last week, after the Fadhil Brothers were quoted by President Bush, several choir members at the Daily Kos started singing a full-blown oratorio (accompanied by various backup performers in the MSM) asserting that Omar and Mohammed must be CIA agents or the like. They couldn't possibly hold such pro-democracy views on their own. After all, they're Iraqis!
Obviously this is a stupid conspiracy theory to believe in, if only for the reason that people are jumping to the conclusion that the CIA must be involved. Doesn't the Daily Kos crowd know that the CIA hates President Bush as much as they do? In the future, any conspiracy theories that we're expected to take seriously are required to have the pro-Bush stooges taking orders from the Gonzales Justice Department.


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