Monday, May 05, 2008

From "How dare they?" to "All's fair..." in two weeks.

The Daily Dish, April 22:
To say that someone who self-describes as a Christian is actually an atheist or a Muslim is a form of McCarthyism, but because it rests on no facts at all, and mere suspicion, and indeed denial of what the candidate himself says in an area only the candidate can truly know, it's something slightly different. McCarthy at least himself believed that his targets might have been (and some indeed were) Communists. Bill Kristol doesn't actually believe that Obama is a Communist. But the threat of a non-Republican non-fundamentalist Christianity emerging in national political discourse is so dangerous to Kristol's coalition that the Big Lie is necessary. McCarthy, one needs to remember, had more respect for the truth and was far less cynical than Rove.
The Daily Dish, May 5:
This YouTube is surely as damaging as anything Jeremiah Wright has said. Yes: Wright was Obama's pastor for twenty years, and McCain has no real personal history with [John] Hagee. But McCain sought out Hagee's endorsement, has appeared with him in campaign settings and has said he is "pleased" and "very honored" to have his endorsement. Blaming Katrina on New Orleans' "sinfulness" is more specific than Wright's "chickens". McCain needs, I think, to denounce and reject his support: [YouTube hyperlink in original]


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