Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A vote for Obama is a vote for class warfare

Given that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are the two biggest clowns to be put in charge of Congress in decades, the mainstream media has been making sure to keep them well hidden this year. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi will occasionally do something so stupid that the press is practically forced to report on it. This time, it's yet more silly games being played with the latest war spending bill:
Conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats blocked a vote last week over Democratic leaders' attempts to add an additional $51.8 billion over the next decade for veterans education to the $183.8 billion war funding tab. They insisted on finding a way to pay for the new benefit without simply adding to the deficit.

"What we're talking about is a one-half percent income tax surcharge on incomes above $1 million," said Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., a leader of the Blue Dog group. "So someone who earns $2 million a year would pay $5,000. ... They're not going to miss it."

The $1 million income level would apply to couples. Individuals would pay the surcharge on income exceeding $500,000.

The idea earned support from House leaders at a late afternoon meeting of top Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.
Certainly Speaker Pelosi must be delighted that the so-called "conservative" Democrats are engaging in open class warfare on her behalf. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to realize that she is killing her own bill by indulging them:
Democrats will try — as they have unsuccessfully in the past — to force the troops home. The bill would require that troops start leaving Iraq within 30 days of its enactment and set a nonbinding goal of withdrawing combat troops by the end of December 2009. It also would require that any troops deployed into a combat zone exceed the Pentagon's peacetime standards for being fully trained and equipped.

However, both of these provisions are expected to fail in the Senate and be stripped from a final bill the House is to approve this spring.
Remember, with a President Obama in charge, there will be nobody left to prevent the Democratic Congress's ultra-extreme liberals from launching a total war on their class enemies.


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