Sunday, January 03, 2010

Terrorist Laundering

Everybody knows that President Obama has a major problem with his plan to close the Guantanamo prison. Paradoxically, the increased terrorist activity in Yemen gives Obama way of squaring the circle, at least as far as the Yemeni terrorists at Guantanamo is concerned.

Step 1: Make sure that Yemen won't torture any terrorists being held in custody, so detainees held at Guantanamo can be sent there under U.S. law.

Step 2: Send Yemeni terrorists back to Yemen. If Yemen keeps them under lock and key, then bingo, one step closer to closing Guantanamo.

Step 3: Assume that Yemen is basically a revolving door that puts these terrorists back into the jihad. If they get recaptured by the United States, then President Obama can send them straight into the civilian court system. The terrorists have been successfully "laundered" out of Guantanamo.

Step 4: President Obama gets to write condolence letters and authorize compensatory payouts for any Americans who died because of step 3.

Terrorist laundering is a neat trick, which is why President Obama is going to continue shipping terrorist to Yemen despite bipartisan opposition.


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