Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Internal disputes at Vacuum Energy headquarters

Among the few successful and many unsuccessful topics for debate here at Vacuum Energy headquarters, some have gained nearly legendary status for the vehemence of the opposing sides. One such topic, flaring up into battle from time to time only to disappear as suddenly as it came, is the infamous internet "Kirk vs. Picard" controversy.

The dispute is as simple as the debate is intense: compare Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise from "Star Trek" to Captain Picard of the starship Enterprise-D from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and decide who is the superior in some arbitrary catagory of comparison. The intensity apparently arises from the presumed Left/Right characteristics of the two figures, with Captain Kirk being the Right-wing "Space Cowboy" while Captain Picard is the Left-wing "multicultural wimp".

Personally, I view this as more of a dispute between conflicting schools of criticism than as geek versus geek combat (but that is an entirely different conflict here).

To join the battle, watching episodes of the two shows is essential, but you can get some information at STARTREK.COM. Case in point: according to the official biographies, Kirk made Lieutenant upon graduating from the Academy at 21, made Captain of the Enterprise at 31, and made Admiral at 36 while Picard only made it onto a starship as Commander 6 years out of the academy at 28, made Captain on the same ship sometime within the subsequent 22 years, became Captain of the Enterprise-D 36 years out of the academy at 58, and turned down promotion to Admiral at 59. One character is the rising star of Starfleet groomed for a top position at the very start, while the other is your workhorse "Joe Captain" who made it through longevity.

But, if you don't believe me, examine The Top Infinite Reasons Kirk Is Better Than Picard. Although, to be fair, also examine 101 Reasons Why Picard Is Better Than Kirk.


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