Friday, June 30, 2006

Don't go whack over the Iraq attack, Jack!

Vacuum Energy friend e-man writes:
I don't have a particular interest in Senator Clinton, so maybe that's why I would've skipped this news...What I find of particular interest is the idea president Bush has in mind to contain the growth of US deficit.. nothing really big, better, is more than enormous.. just $8 trillion. As everybody can see, exporting democracy with tanks in the war against ghosts and is not being very successful.
Suppose that you are an eighteenth century Prime Minster of Great Britain. One day when you're out of the city, news arrives that a pirate fleet has somehow managed to sail up the Thames, cause thousands of casulties by crashing a fireship loaded with gunpowder into Tower Bridge, cannonade the Parliament building trying to kill you, and cannonade Buckingham Palace trying to kill the King. What do you do? Certainly, you would order every ship in the Royal Navy to hunt down the pirates, try them, hang them, and then organize a punitive expedition to destroy the pirate bases.

So far so good. But lets say that you then find out that all of the captured pirates speak only French, that some of the pirates managed to escape and find refuge in France, and that the infamous First Consul of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, is both praising the heroism of the pirate attack and building his own pirate fleet armed with the most powerful cannon available. Then what do you do?


Anonymous e-man said...

In such a regrettable event, I think there would be a great deal of work for my Admiral Horatio Nelson, so that finally we can convince the French that the world can as well survive without them.
This is not the case in the 21st century though. This issue concerns Americans and the rest of the world too. On 9/23/2001, the national security advisor Condoleezza Rice stated that "the US has evidence of bin Laden's role in terrorist acts that it will present in due time". Well, America and the whole world are still waiting for that evidence, and no one can argue that it should've be done before launching not one, but two wars. Besides, I also would like to have an official version of the 9/11 attacks compatible with the respect for intelligence, that is not violating any of several fundamental laws of physics. I'm one of the few, growing in number, who awoke from the brainwashing, now it's time to ask questions and demand answers.

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