Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to convert PC-users to Mac-users in 10 seconds.

Just show them this article:
Microsoft submitted a patent application in the US for a “unique monitoring system” that could link workers to their computers. Wireless sensors could read “heart rate, galvanic skin response, EMG, brain signals, respiration rate, body temperature, movement facial movements, facial expressions and blood pressure”, the application states.
I guess there is a large pool of jobs out there that can't be automated, can't be outsourced to India, and require so little human contact that they need a heart monitor to determine when you drop dead at your desk.

On the bright side, a lot of people won't mind having their jobs outsourced to India after this. If I were a computer programmer facing a choice between (a) "Would you like french fries with that?"; or (b) inserting a Microsoft-monitored, cyberdildonic, anal temperature probe every morning; I think I'll pick option (a).


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