Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman, male bimbo

I haven't seen "Superman Returns" yet, but I've been getting the impression that Superman is portrayed as something of a dip-dope from the reviews. One controversy that has already appeared is that Superman's trademark motto "Truth, justice, and the American way" seems to have been slightly modified. It is now apparently "Truth, justice, and all that stuff".

If this were simply a case of putting "the American way" in the American release and dubbing it over with "Vive L'Europe" for the French release, that wouldn't really bother me. If this were simply a case of making Superman more relevant with a still nominally noble yet modernized motto like "Truth, justice, humanity", I could live with that too. I can accept that going around claiming to be fighting for "the American way" can sound noble to some, ignoble to others, and outdated to both. But updating the motto with "all that stuff" just makes Superman sound more like an American freshman frat boy than anything else.


Anonymous e-man said...

I think you exaggerate a bit when you talk of "corruption and total unscrupulousness" or "most notorious criminal partnership since Bonnie and Clyde". Of course, politics is not an arena for saints, and perhaps a certain number of lies could be tolerated. If you don't, so I expect many posts in relation to the neo-con's much bigger lies, their make-up (and COVER-UP) of new physical laws, etc...
Nonetheless, I totally agree when you call on the Democrats to demand explanations over any obscure side of the Clintons' affairs.

11:26 AM  

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